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Thomas A. Trent

South Carolina Legal Services
Intake Managing Attorney
Columbia, South Carolina
Thomas Trent graduated from University of South Carolina Law School in 1984 and began working for South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) in 1986. He has been involved in management since 1992. He has been the managing attorney of the SCLS’ intake office since 2002. He supervises staff in local offices and conducts intake staff trainings statewide. Through collaboration, he authored SCLS' Intake “playbook” Manual that has been used by other LSC programs in developing their intake policies, procedures, and intake script questions. SCLS' Intake “playbook” Manual is on LSC's website as a best practice. In addition, he continues to be a team member for SCLS' online intake system that allows applicants to apply for legal services in 47 case types and is a current member of SCLS’ SharePoint Online TIG project.
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