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͍de Gulotta

Partner & Chief Knowledge Officer
Komenge Consulting
Tempe AZ
Íde Gulotta is a partner at Kōmĕngé LLC organizational consulting offering planning, evaluation, technology, and coaching services. Íde Gulotta has an undergraduate education focusing on philosophy of mathematics, logical systems, systematic methodology, and computer science. Íde has seven years of experience in technical support, system administration, and the development of end-user training. She is knowledgeable in computer-assisted data analysis and has developed interactive data visualizations intended for key decision-makers. Íde helped design, implement, and teach an expanded technical education curriculum for adult learners at the Phoenix Public Library. In a business setting, Íde updated the visualization codebase, implemented new features requested by clients, and contributed to the development of the real time data collection software used as part of the flood warning systems relied upon by decision-makers and first responders statewide. Íde currently provides technical support for an IOLTA program management software product.